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No Show, by Peter Shine

Paul McCarrick and Grace Kiely as Tommy and Maire in No Show by Peter Shine

Paul McCarrick and Grace Kiely as Tommy and Maire in No Show by Peter Shine

Thereisbear! Theatre are delighted to announce NO SHOW, the showband story we’re staging as part of FUEL: Druid‘s Emerging Artist Residency.

When? 25th-29th November with previews on 21st, 22nd, & 24th.
8pm curtain.

Where? The Mick Lally Theatre, Druid Lane, Galway.

Tickets?  Available form the Town Hall Theatre Box Office, (091)569777 or

No Show is a gripping journey through a dazzling period of Irish pop history. The showband era is at its height, and dozens of musical acts are travelling around the country, packing out the tiny ballrooms dotted all over Ireland. 

Two showband singers enter The Big Earl Competition for the chance to play Las Vegas and break through to the big time. 

Tommy Clarke (Paul McCarrick) is a rock-bottom young riser with a lot of ambition. He’s short on experience – but he’s dead sure he can win. 

Máire Walsh (Grace Kiely) is the real deal, a genuine showband legend; but after years on the road, it looks like the limelight is fading. She’s got to move on quickly, or she’ll be left behind.

As the competition goes on, the back-stage rivalry mounts, and Tommy and Máire learn the lengths people will go to for fame and fortune. Lies, deception, sabotage – no trick is too dirty as these bands struggle for the top spot. Vegas glitters and the players grow desperate, and what began as a golden opportunity threatens to collapse into a hopeless shambles.

Accompanied by a live band, No Show bristles with all of the energy of a dancehall gig while telling the personal stories of the people who make the music. The powerful performers take us behind the scenes and show us the work it takes to stand out from the crowd.

Tickets on sale now!


FUEL: Druid’s Emerging Artist Residency

ThereisBear! Theatre Company arrive at the Mick Lally Theatre to start the inaugural FUEL residency with Druid Theatre

ThereisBear! Theatre Company arrive at the Mick Lally Theatre to start the inaugural FUEL residency with Druid Theatre

FUEL is a new initiative developed by Druid in 2014 to support emerging artists in the West of Ireland. As the first awardees, ThereisBear! receive the use of The Mick Lally Theatre for six weeks to rehearse and develop a show, including at least one week of performances. In addition, Druid provide the company with resources, a hot desk in their company office, and artistic and producing support if requested.

“Settling into the Mick Lally Theatre, so heavy with Druid’s history, is really getting our creative gears whirring” says ThereisBear!’s General Manager Darragh O’Brien. “Having access to all these resources and supports for a six week residency is a very new and I must say challenging opportunity for a young company like us. I just can’t wait to prove we are equal to it!”

ThereisBear! will première their original production NO SHOW in November as part of the first FUEL residency with Druid Theatre Company. No Show, by Peter Shine, is set in 1970 during Ireland’s legendary Showband era, and follows two showband performers in fierce competition for fame and fortune. Their stories, ridiculous and devastating, give a glimpse of what it takes to survive in this ruthless business.  

ThereisBear!’s Shakespeare Workshops

directors: Muireann Ní Raghallaigh, Darragh O’Brien, Claudia O’Sullivan
in partnership with Prof. Patrick Lonergan, NUIG,
as part of NUI Galway Students’ Union EXPLORE Innovation Initiative


Launched in 2013, ThereisBear!’s Shakespeare Workshops are an indispensable aid to students studying plays on the Junior and Senior cycle English curriculum. As well as being an unforgettable experience to all those with even a passing interest in dramatic text, ThereisBear! aims to make Shakespeare stick by making it fun and bringing it to life.

“The best way to understand a dramatic text is through performance” says ThereisBear!’s Hannah O’Reilly. “This particularly applies in the case of Shakespearean text, which is designed for vivid and visual performance, and most of all, to be played with. We aim to teach students to use performance as a tool to unlock dramatic texts in the classroom.”

The purpose of the workshop is to take Shakespeare off the page and to put the plays on their feet. We will show students how to examine a Shakespearean text for accessible, visual and actable information and how to realise the plays on a stage. This will give them a clear and visual access to the play. Above all, the workshop is designed to be a fun way to look at the Shakespeare plays and to be a memorable exam aid.

The format of the workshop for a typical workshop might comprise:

  • Introductory scenes:
    Several key scenes from the play, performed by ThereisBear!. These scenes will enable students to prepare a question on a performance they have seen, or to enhance another question they are preparing. This will make the play a visual experience, and hearing the dialogue aloud will bring a clearer understanding.

  • Scene workshop:
    In smaller groups, we will take students through the Shakespearean text itself, from verse speaking to blocking to developing character using Shakespeare’s language and metaphor. With the students as actors, each small group will prepare a scene from the play, which will then be performed for the whole group. In this fashion, the students will get to see over half the play performed, which will aid their understanding of the play as a whole.

  • We will finish the workshop with a Q&A session. Students are welcome to ask about the play, thematic issues, specific characters and other topics relating to potential exam questions.

ThereisBear!’s Shakespeare Workshops will be offered in Spring 2015 but you can book now by calling (086)3559912 or e-mailing

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