And last but not least…

Muireann will be playing Ines in No way Out. Photography by Matt Burke

Muireann will be playing Ines in No way Out. Photography by Matt Burke

Muireann has recently completed a BA Connect with Theatre and Performance in NUIG. She has been involved with ThereisBear! since the very beginning, playing the role of Brigit Foley in their first national tour, The Last Burning, by Patrick Galvin.

Credits include Nerissa in The Merchant of Venice (2014), Miss Prism in The Importance of Being Earnest (2013),  Philomel in Polaroid Stories (2013), Lena in An Tíoranach Drogallach (The Last Days of a Reluctant Tyrant) (2013), and Martha in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (2013). She is also involved with Skytashe Dance Theatre and will be performing with them again very soon.

Muireann has produced and stage-managed various shows such as Theatrecorp’s Measure for Measure (2013), ThereisBear’s national tour of Angels in America: Millennium Approaches (2013), and Translations (2012).

She is delighted to have been cast as Ines and hopes she can do her justice!



Please welcome the waiter from Hell!

Martin is playing the native Hellish waiter in No Way Out

Martin is playing the native Hellish waiter in No Way Out. Photography by Dara O’Donnell

Martin Kenny is a recent graduate of NUIG, having received a BA in Film Studies, English and French. During his time there, he worked extensively with DramSoc, working as an actor, producer and director. Recent acting credits include Spring Awakening: The Musical (Ernst), 1984 (O’ Brien), Translations (Doalty) and he has been a member of Skytashe Dance Theatre since the company’s conception. He is thoroughly looking forward to being part of another Thereisbear! production and bringing No Way Out to life.

Our fourth and final cast member will be making an appearance tomorrow!

Here comes cast member number two…

Kori will be playing Estelle in our production

Kori will be playing Estelle in our production. Photography by Dara O’Donnell

Kori Kilduff has a B.A. in Theatre & Performance and a M.A. in Drama & Theatre from NUIG. She has been heavily involved in Galway based productions for the last 6 years including The Beauty Queen of Leenane (Mag); Hamlet (Gertrude); Twelfth Night (Feste); The Importance of Being Earnest (Gwendolen) and The Merchant of Venice (Portia). She is co-artistic director of Skytashe Dance Theatre and works as a director and teacher in youth theatre. She is happy to be working with Thereisbear! again and is excited about taking on the challenging role of Estelle in Sartre’s No Way Out.

Keep an eye out for our third cast member’s biog tomorrow!

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So, the Bears have been unleashed in the town hall. After a ridiculously stressful few days of construction, prep-stuff, and get-ins… we are finally, finally, performing this bloody good play.    

€845/€2000. We are 42% funded!

Thank you to Sarah Hoban, Aoife Spillane-Hinks, Amanda Gareis and Richard Brown, whose help took us over the €800 mark. The fundraising campaign is half over but we have lots left to do! Keep you support up by liking and sharing our blog!

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€280/€2000! We are 14% Funded.

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The long and dusty path, thus far!


Apologies for only starting up this thing now, but it has been a most hectic few days. Even as I write this, my laptop is askew over my budget list, programme prototype, an antler, my script, and Planet Word by Stephen Fry!

So what’s new in the world of Bear?

As most of you know, we’ve been fundraising to get our show The Last Burning on the road. We started up our campaign with an amazing pub quiz, hosted and attended by a lot of amazing people!

Sláinte to our FUNders

Howya, now? they says.

Then our descent into madness began. 140 funders later, we made €5,455…

I was as shocked as you!!

So what do you do with five and a half thousand euro worth of people believing and supporting you? I’ll tell ya what youdo. Thank ’em. Early and often. In the form of stuff, pats on the back, and an amazing play. I was at work when the congratulations texts came in from everyone saying that, apparently, ThereisBear! had made their target. And then some. I avoided the urge to bathe in 5000 euros’ worth of singles because needless to say, in Ireland, that would mean a bath of coins. Instead, we are making our thank you video. For which I’m so excited! Filming starts tomorrow, where we plan on writing the name of EVERY person who donated since our fundit campaign began, and all to a bangin’ tune that Ciara Moyna’s going to kill me for not yet having chosen.

Our press launch went down a treat too, including Dr. Patrick Lonergan from NUIG, his lovely speech, the first prototype of our poster revealed, a group of lovely actors getting to finally show their colours, and me arriving with said first poster 15 minutes late in a fabulous too-expensive-for-a-Monday-morning dress!

The Last Minute, by Hannah O’Reilly

So, prep for the launch was much tougher than anticipated, considering how cosy the event it turned out to be. The whole cast was still spread about the world (Oxford, Thailand, Malta, Canada and France) during the launch, what with it still being early days in the rehearsal process, so we had to select our scenes delicately. As in all things, it really became the tried and true theatre situation of minor details coming together in the final throws… I’m talkin 3am. ..It’s always in the wee hours that the creative juices start flowing. Darragh, Muireann and I polished their scene to cool and disturbing new places. Can you believe it?! New Places! I’ve been looking at this script for two feckin’ years and it just never stops to twist and change. So yes, on top of getting our proverbial shit together for the press launch, we also came to new and exciting conclusions and ploys to try over the next few weeks. Six to Midnight stuff, as Shaun handsomely put it. But the gang looked lovely, and performed well, and we got to say our thanks.

And didn’t we look smart?

So Hbear, what are we at now, altogether?
Lemme tell ya, one of the most difficult things to face in the face of this monster is how poor I am at getting simple things done quickly! I’m looking at the beautiful bones of our hand-painted programme, as we speak, wondering -though knowing the answer why- is isn’t a full body yet. Three minutes each page has taken so far, and I’m going at a rate of one a day tops! Ah, to have high hopes in oneself.

Dumbledore knew best.

Oh Hannah, haven’t you learned yet?

Even as I write this, I am in fact procrastinating further work for our Thank You video tomorrow …maybe the wee hours will prove a gracious mistress once again. Creative juices everywhere.

In even more exciting news, Samuel Ferry ( found the archives of The Lyric Theatre in our college library. This is where The Last Burning was first EVER put on! In these archives was the FIRST EVER POSTER OF THE PLAY, the programme, essays by the playwright Patrick Galvin, and most impressively, letters from the playwright to the head of the theatre. This included letters about my father’s production of The Last Burning twenty-three years ago. This is how I know the play exists. He talked about how the group was going to Monaco for the International Am-Dram festival there… Dad has the placard from when they won best play in ’89. I saw that thing almost every freakin’ day of my childhood and adolescence!! Ironically, I never knew what it was until a few months before deciding to actually do the play!  A massive nerdgasm was has by all!


Also, during a fabulous afters-function of the Mornington singers, I came up with the opening of the play. And YOU are in for a treat, my friends… oh my, you’re in for a treat.

Alas, the creative flow is upon us and the hour is 2.50 am. Time to switch off and thank everyone tomorrow!

See you in August,