Please welcome the waiter from Hell!

Martin is playing the native Hellish waiter in No Way Out

Martin is playing the native Hellish waiter in No Way Out. Photography by Dara O’Donnell

Martin Kenny is a recent graduate of NUIG, having received a BA in Film Studies, English and French. During his time there, he worked extensively with DramSoc, working as an actor, producer and director. Recent acting credits include Spring Awakening: The Musical (Ernst), 1984 (O’ Brien), Translations (Doalty) and he has been a member of Skytashe Dance Theatre since the company’s conception. He is thoroughly looking forward to being part of another Thereisbear! production and bringing No Way Out to life.

Our fourth and final cast member will be making an appearance tomorrow!

Here comes cast member number two…

Kori will be playing Estelle in our production

Kori will be playing Estelle in our production. Photography by Dara O’Donnell

Kori Kilduff has a B.A. in Theatre & Performance and a M.A. in Drama & Theatre from NUIG. She has been heavily involved in Galway based productions for the last 6 years including The Beauty Queen of Leenane (Mag); Hamlet (Gertrude); Twelfth Night (Feste); The Importance of Being Earnest (Gwendolen) and The Merchant of Venice (Portia). She is co-artistic director of Skytashe Dance Theatre and works as a director and teacher in youth theatre. She is happy to be working with Thereisbear! again and is excited about taking on the challenging role of Estelle in Sartre’s No Way Out.

Keep an eye out for our third cast member’s biog tomorrow!

Meet the cast of No Way Out!

Peter will be playing Garcin in our production
Peter will be playing Garcin in No Way Out


Peter has a BA in Theatre and Performance from NUIG and has been involved with theatre productions for many years. Productions he has appeared in include: The Merchant of Venice (Bassanio); This Lime Tree Bower (Frank); Macbeth (Macbeth); Twelfth Night (Olivia); The Adventures of Shay Mouse (Jubal Hopper); Philadelphia, Here I Come! (SB O’Donnell); At The Black Pig’s Dyke (Jack Boles) Peter is also currently working on ThereisBear! Theatre’s next production, No Show, taking place later this year.

Glimpses of other cast members coming soon!

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Meet Our Cast! (3)

Robin Oree

This is Robin's first production with ThereisBear! He is playing Mr. Lies and Belize in Angels in America.

This is Robin’s first production with ThereisBear! He is playing Mr. Lies and Belize in Angels in America.

Robin is currently doing his MA in Human Rights in NUIG. He has been heavily involved in theatre for years. His most recent of many acting credits in both film and on stage include H-Block Prisoner in Behind Bars (Part 3), (Sideline Productions for TV3, 2011), Jamie in Intermentum (Short film) (2011), Hamlet in Hamlet (filmed excerpt from the play, 2011), Himself in Happening (2011), Robert in Proof (NUIG Dramsoc, 2012), Duncan in Macbeth (NUIG Dramsoc, 2013) and Sir Toby in Twelfth Night (NUIG Dramsoc, 2013).

Robin has also written and directed numerous pieces. His directing credits include The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy (UCD Dramsoc, 2010), The Vagina Monologues – The Vagina Workshop, The Not-So-Happy Fact (UCD Dramsoc, 2010), Dead Weight (Short film) (UCD Filmsoc, 2010), Sides Of The Case (UCD Dramsoc, 2011), and Meat (NUIG Dramsoc, 2012).

His produced written works include A Lesson In Love From Captain Picard (UCD Dramsoc, 2010), Dead Weight (Short film) (UCD Filmsoc, 2010), Sides Of The Case (UCD Dramsoc, 2011), Meat (NUIG Dramsoc, 2012).

Joseph Power

Joe is playing Roy Cohn in Angels in America.

Joe is playing Roy Cohn in Angels in America.

Joseph Power is a second year Mathematics and Education student from Co. Down. Joseph has appeared in eleven Dramsoc shows including Vincent River (2012), Sive (2012) and their centenary production Twelfth Night (2013). Joseph has also acted in many productions in his hometown including Lovers (2009), Many Young Men of Twenty (2010) and The Odd Couple (2011)

In 2012 Joseph directed the award-winning one-act Laughter is the Best Medicine and produced Philadelphia Here I Come! for Dramsoc in Druid Lane. In 2013, Joseph received a best actor nomination at the Irish Student Drama Festival in Cork for his portrayal of Henry Hackamore in Sam Shepard’s Seduced.

Joseph made a cameo appearance in The Last Burning (ThereisBear! 2012), making this his second production with the company. Joseph is playing Roy Cohn in Angels in America.

Eilish McCarthy

Eilish McCarthy is playing Hannah Porter Pitt, Henry the Doctor and Rabbi Isidor Chemelwitz.

Eilish McCarthy is playing Hannah Porter Pitt, Henry the Doctor and Rabbi Isidor Chemelwitz.

Eilish is a student of Theatre and Performance in NUIG, who has been very active in drama both in Galway and her home town of Tipperary. Acting credits include Hamlet in Hamlet (Dramsoc, 2012), Dora in Dora, (Sarissa Theatre Company, 2010) and Margaret in The Last Burning, (Dramsoc, 2010). In 2009 she was named best actress in the Jerome Hynes One Act Play series.

Eilish is playing Hannah, the Rabbi and Henry in Angels in America. This is her first production with ThereisBear!

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ThereisBear! History Lesson (#1): ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf’

In January ThereisBear! brought its second production to the stage in Druid Lane Theatre, Galway. To coincide with the 50th Anniversary of the original production, we staged an ambitious version of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf. We splashed out on set and, for 4 nights, turned the Druid auditorium into George and Martha’s home.

'Oh you're amused!' Ruth Darcy, Darragh O'Brien, Conor Quinlan and Muireann Ni Raghallaigh in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf

‘Oh you’re amused!’
Ruth Darcy, Darragh O’Brien, Conor Quinlan and Muireann Ní Raghallaigh in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf

Mama Bear Hannah O’Reilly and Joe ‘Very Reliable Bear’ McEvoy combined to design and build our grandest set so far. The design was a beautiful art-deco interior replete with a working gramophone, stacks of George’s history books, plush leather couches, and a spectacular antique bar that lit up when it was opened. Alcohol being a catalyst for the events of the play, the bar served as a focal point for the action, but my favourite setpiece was a glorious historical map of 19th-Century France, which we chose when I decided Napoleonic France was George’s specialist subject.

'Snap! it went snap snap, not me it, the whole arrangement!' Tensions rise and tempers fray between George and Martha, sad sad sad.

‘Snap! it went snap snap, not me it, the whole arrangement!’
Tensions rise and tempers fray between George and Martha, sad sad sad.

Under the direction of fellow Bear in Arms Sam O’Fearraí, our humble cast developed four incredibly deep and rich characters. After months of extensive rehearsal with Sam the actors were so in tune with each other that scenes and moments in the play could turn on a dime and each run brought new surprises. Sam encouraged us to work off each other, feed off the audience, and play organically. In the event, each performance grew independently and turned out different from the last: on Wednesday it was a tragedy, on Friday it was a farce.

'They like the way they move...' Martha and Nick share a tender moment.

‘They like the way they move…’
Martha and Nick share a tender moment.

Virginia Woolf was one of the most wholesome theatre experiences I have ever had. From the opening spats I shared with Muireann Ní Raghallaigh as Martha, to the moments that approached blows with Conor Quinlan as Nick, to the Poe-bells sudden revelation shared with Ruth Darcy as Honey, to the heartbreaking climax shared by all four characters, each performance was filled with the kind of material that actors thrive on. I miss it every day.

Meet Our Cast! (2!)

Chris Moran

Chris Moran

This is Chris’s first production with ThereisBear! He is playing Prior Walter in Angels in America.

Chris Moran is a Theatre & Performance Student in NUIG. He has done nine shows with Dramsoc over the last two years. Acting credits including Philadelphia Here I Come (2012), Translations (2012), Meat (2012) and the musical Reefer Madness (2012).

In March 2012 Chris was given the Jerome Hynes Best Newcomer award for his one-act, Laughter is the Best Medicine. This year he directed a two-time ISDA nominated adaptation of Macbeth. Chris is currently directing an original work as part of AbandonedBoy Theatre for the Galway Fringe.

Chris is playing Prior Walter in Angels in America. This is his first performance with Thereisbear.

Conor Quinlan

Conor will be playing Louis Ironson in Angels in America.

Conor will be playing Louis Ironson in Angels in America.

As a native of Galway, Conor Quinlan has performed in numerous local productions. Acting credits include Joe in This Lime Tree Bower Heart and Crown, 2007), Romeo in Romeo and Juliet (Hearth and Crown, 2009), Jack in Lord of the Flies (Hearth and Crown, 2008)  and Simon in Freefall: Heroes (Tiger Theatre, 2010).

Conor has been a part of Dramsoc for the last four years in such great productions as An Ideal Husband (Dramsoc, 2010) and The Morning After Optimism (Dramsoc, 2010). This year, he appeared in An Imagined Paris (Dramsoc, 2012), Seduced (Dramsoc, 2013) and Macbeth (Dramsoc, 2013), all of which traveled to the Irish Student Drama Festival in Cork.
This is his second production with Thereisbear, after the successful run of Edward Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf (ThereisBear!, 2013)

Conor has a Diploma of Associate with the Irish Board of Speech and Drama. He has been accepted to the The Gaiety School of Acting and will begin studying there in September.

Conor is playing Louis Ironson in Angels in America.

Funding Video

Please Watch and Share our awesome Campaign Video. The bulk of the video was shot in ONE TAKE by Brian O’Brien and sees the characters of Angels in America at home and at work. Worlds collide as dreams mingle with reality!

Tony Kushner’s Angels in America directed by ThereisBear’s Darragh O’Brien.
Touring this summer from May 27th to June 13th with your help!
Check out the Funding page and give what you can!

Locations: Galway, Athlone, Dublin.

Filmed and edited by Brien O’Brien, lighting by Susan Collins
Special thanks to Emily Murray for emergency assistance!

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Angels in America is the story of two couples living in New York at the end of the 20th Century.

Prior and Louis have to deal with the disastrous news of a HIV diagnoses which threatens their relationship and puts things in perspective during the height of the AIDS crisis. Louis strains to keep his wits as his lover gets sicker, while Prior hides his pain with dry humour.

Joe and Harper’s faith is tested as their marital problems come to a head. Joe struggles to remain faithful to his religion, and to his wife, as he wars with the fearful questioning of his own sexuality. Harper, unhappy and addicted to Valium, grows increasingly aware that all is not as it seems with her husband.

Both couples live in a world of corruption, politics, religion, fear of illness, and of being alone.

And it is a world that seems to be coming apart around them as Harper and Prior slip through the boundaries of their own dreams and hallucinations.

This will be ThereisBear’s third production and our second tour. Last summer we toured Patrick Galvin’s ‘The Last Burning’ to six locations nationwide, and in January we brought Edward Albee’s ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?’ to Druid Lane Theatre in Galway, both generating excellent reviews.

Angels in America has received critical acclaim and won numerous awards since its premiere in 1991, courting  controversy amongst conservatives as well as praise from all corners. We recognise this play’s importance, as well as its connections with our own recent past, and we want to bring it to Irish audiences with as high a standard as possible.

We are asking for you to help fund this summer’s tour. The money raised will go towards transport, advertising in papers as well as posters and flyers, venue hire, and other production costs such as set and technical equipment. Any donation, no matter the size, will be gratefully received and put to good use. Every euro makes a difference, and will help our small company take this production from being good, to great.

Thanks from all of us at ThereisBear! -we hope to see you this summer.

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Meet our Cast

Hannah O’Reilly

Hannah is Artistic Director at ThereisBear! and is playing Harper Pitt in Angels in America.

Hannah is Artistic Director at ThereisBear! and is playing Harper Pitt in Angels in America.

Hannah O’Reilly Artistic Director at ThereisBear! Theatre. She is finishing up her Theatre and Performance degree in NUIG. She has received training at the Gaiety School of Acting, Blue Raincoat Theatre Company and the Avignon Theatre Conservatoire. Hannah directed Patrick Galvin’s The Last Burning (2012) for ThereisBear!’s national tour last summer, and was producer and set-designer on their production of Edward Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf (2013) in January.

Hannah has also written, directed and choreographed an original dance show called The Waves with NUIG Dramsoc (2012), and was a choreographer for Reefer Madness, a collaboration between NUIG Dramsoc and Galway University Musical Society (2012).

Acting credits include Viola in NUIG Dramsoc’s Centenary Producion Twelfth Night. Player King in Hamlet (Dramsoc, 2012) and Juliet in Romeo and Juliet (Dramsoc, 2010). Hannah will play Harper Pitt in Thereisbear!’s upcoming production of Angels in America Part 1: Millennium Approaches.

Claudia O’Sullivan

Claudia is our Angel and also plays Emily the nurse.

Claudia is our Angel and also plays Emily the nurse.

Claudia graduated last year with an MA in Drama and Theatre Studies. She has a BA in English and Classics. She works in a drama school called Centre Stage Youth Theatre that is based in Athlone, Ballinasloe and Galway.

Claudia’s acting credits include Maureen in Martin McDonagh’s The Beauty Queen of Leenane (2011, Broken Door Theatre), Magenta in The Rocky Horror Show (Dramsoc, 2011) and Laertes in Hamlet (Dramsoc, 2012).

Claudia has written and choreographed two narrative dance shows, Rewind (2011) and Never Trust a Smile (2012). This year, Never Trust a Smile was given an award in the Judges Special Category at the Irish Student Drama Festival.

Claudia is currently the Vice Auditor of NUIG’s Dramsoc. Last September she stage managed Sanctuary (2012) by Blue Teapot Theatre in Galway. Blue Teapot Theatre is a company that works with people with intellectual disabilities and this year was nominated for an Irish Times Theatre Award for its work on Sanctuary. Claudia will play The Angel in Thereisbear!’s upcoming production of Angels in America Part 1: Millennium Approaches.

Sam O’Fearrai

Sam O'Fearraí is Company Director a ThereisBear! and Joe Pitt in Angels in America

Sam O’Fearraí is Company Director a ThereisBear! and Joe Pitt in Angels in America

Sam is company director of Thereisbear! Theatre. Previous directing credits include Twelfth Night (Dramsoc, 2013) Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?  (ThereisBear! 2013) as well as productions of Hamlet (Dramsoc, 2012), The Women Amongst the Ice (Blackheart Theatre, 2011), The Beauty Queen of Leenane (Broken Door Theatre, 2011) and Phaedra’s Love (Dramsoc, 2010). Sam has also worked as an assistant director on The Last Burning (ThereisBear!, 2012) and a production of The Rocky Horror Show (Dramsoc, 2011). He directed scenes from Richard III in TEXT MESSAGES at the Project Arts Centre (2013) and has performed at the Dublin Shakespeare Festival (2010).

Acting credits include Macbeth (Dramsoc, 2013), The Last Burning (ThereisBear!, 2012), Frank Pig Says Hello (GYT, 2012) and Perve (BA Connect, 2012), The Rocky Horror Show (Dramsoc, 2011), Romeo and Juliet (Dramsoc, 2010), Medea (Dramsoc, 2010) and Twelfth Night (Secret Shakespeare Society, 2010). Sam will play Joe Pitt in Thereisbear!’s upcoming production of Angels in America Part 1: Millennium Approaches.

Ain’t we in for a Corker!

So the Get-in has begun! And while I sit in the techbox, watching Joe and Ciara light up our show, I wait. I play the waiting game. For what? I can’t say.

No, I can.  A quick blog post before hitting up Kerry to sort out prop storage and bus transport!

So we all piled into the bus and car at 3pm yesterday afternoon, after a great run in Galway, warmly played to friends and strangers alike! Including several French people and the son and daughter of Patrick Galvin himself, the latter of whom is bringing a big crowed with her to our Cork show tonight. What a cool run of a show Galway was. Including a performance on Oisin Robbins’ birthday, during which, he snook an angry cry of celebration into the mob scene unbeknownst to the onlookers! This birthday also included a cake on the following night! Where we surprised Oisin with a cake onstage in the middle of a scene. Ah, to fuck with and keep actors on their toes. A special gift I give to them indeed. 🙂 Looking forward to Patrick Galvin’s birthday in Ballinasloe, cupcakes for all who attend!! Marred only by an early morning in Dublin the following day! Oh well! As is the nature of a tour. Sleeping in transit, that’s what it is!

So we had a lovely lark in Supermacs after our last Galway show, our get-out leaving us only to locked doors of the lovely Galway Arms. -A blessing in disguise for the actors I’d say. Everyone was knackered.

Thus began the trip to Cork! The entire trip dotted with me exclaiming everything was a moose, and the gang on the bus trying to decide when and where we can hold our ceremonial, end-of-the-Southern-Leg-of-the-tour burning of Muireann.

I’m now currently waiting for the cast and crew to get back from a lunch break. I cleverly timed my breaks to when they are gone, ensuring that I am at work when they leave and  return… thus looking as though I am an unstoppable machine. It’s good to build terror in the hearts of your co-workers. So I’ll leap back to my notes of entrances and exits and transitions before they get back, feign a meek yawn, or a sigh when asked to press a button to assist the technicians and carry on, tirelessly, to their wonder and awe… I am a genius. A non-productive genius.

Anyway, lemme tell ya this: Things go awry so fancifully!

Since arriving in Cork, several transport issues have bubbled! We got here about half an hour later than expected, meaning that once we got in, the Cork Arts Theatre was closed so we couldn’t store our set, costume and props at the venue. Meaning only one thing, LUGGAGE OVERLOAD for all involved. Each person had to take on a piece or set, or prop or costume, and bring it to the domicile of those with whom they stayed.

Thanks to the lovely Jamie Hooper, and Laura Hicks and her family, everyone was housed, and now so was every THING.

The production team stayed at Jamie’s in the city, for an early get-in and deliciously-hilarious-breakfast-banter-in-the-early-morning-rain, along with all of the set. Bags and bags of soil, rakes of rakes, and kilos of material, while Laura, in her car, took every single costume and prop. This of course was much too heavy causing ThereisBear!’s first fault of car breakdown. Her car is now in the garage and the entire cast, half an hour away from the city by car, must now bus it in from her house, courtesy of her fantastic family.

Please God, no one will be too furious and these stupid slip-ups. Hence, meticulous attention to where props and shit go from now on and not to assume anything at the risk of abiding by the ‘make an ass out of you and me’ law.

Needless to say transport became a bit of a mess, so. But I’m thinking hiring small buses to bring the gang to Laura’s from the city, and to store everything in the theatres, hell or high water. Thankfully it’s just transport and storage as opposed to several other things too! *touch wood.*

Phone calls to be made. Let us hope we’re greeted as warmly as we were in Galway to give a bit of a buzz!

Onward and Upward!